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Name: Bob Puopolo

Seasonal Tournament: Rhode Island

Monthly Tournament: Rhode Island

Hometown: Johnston RI


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Favorite Poker Hand:

AA Who am I kidding - It has to be AA

Favorite EPT Location:

Kingstown Bowl-$200 Guarantee

About Me:

Bust my chops at the table, in fun, it's Ok with me --- be a jerk at the table, that's a no-no. Treat all players with the respect you want for yourself.

My Interests:

2 wonderful great granddaughters (6 years and 1 1/2 years old) - Softball - Poker. That's pretty much all I need along with a good meal every once in a while and I'm happy. Oh, maybe knocking off "the Tick" at a final table might be up there too.

Reason For Playing Poker:

meet new people - friendly atmosphere (most of the time - lol)

Favorite Poker Story:

Coming back, heads up, with 1 chip left to win 1st at Chelo's.



Tick takes down # 4 - A blow by blow account

01-13-2010 12:48:10 PM  View Post >>


01-11-2010 12:09:17 PM

five to one!  brilliant.

12-11-2009 06:23:32 PM

Sorry Mr. Puopolo I remember Thursday night even though things were spinning a little. I don't bet on sports especially ones I don't follow. 

12-09-2009 07:50:27 PM

Thanks Bobby..i really do appreciate the comments.  I got lucky last night though, or at least at the final table I did.  The whole first half I had the easiest hands to fold, which I don't mind at all.  Like you say, favorite hand 72 cause it''s so easy to through away.And then I guess I waited it out long enough and started to get hands here and there.  But ultimately I got lucky!!  Thanks again Bobby!

11-27-2009 08:48:06 AM

Thanks Bobby, I appreciate it!!


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