Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2024
Bar Poker Open

Tournament Rules

** The Eastern Poker Tour pub tournaments are a free tournament, designed strictly to highlight the enjoyment and social aspect of poker without having to risk anything of monetary value. Eastern Poker Tour and representatives will never ask for money from a player. If there is suspected illegal gambling going on in any way, players will be banned from participating in our free tour. NO EXCEPTIONS!

1) Tournaments are held in a Bar atmosphere, thus we are bound to the rules of each establishment regarding age limits and any other house rules. Each participant may sign up on location only. Please attend no later then the published start time to be assured your spot in the tournament.

2) Each player will receive $10,000 in chip points at the start of the tournament.

3) When all are full and players are seated, each person will draw a card and the highest card takes first deal. If two players have the same card, they will draw again and highest second card deals. The deal will be passed on in a clockwise manner.

4) Blinds will be raised every fifteen minutes (100-200 to 200-400); the Managing floor person will announce this. If a hand is still being dealt during the blind raise, the next round of play will be with the raised blinds. Posting of the blinds before the deal does not mean those in the blinds are exempt from the blind raise.

5) Players not at their table when they are to post a blind will have that blind posted automatically for them (out of their chips) by the dealer. If said player is STILL not at their table when the second card has come, their blind will be automatically added to the pot and their cards will be mucked (i.e. thrown into the fold pile).

6) If a player leaves the tournament early for any reason, his / her chips will remain in play until the blinds have taken all of their remaining chips.

7) A fifteen (15) minute break will be offered during the dinner break. Players must leave their chips so that they can be broken down and replaced with higher valued chips (due to the increase in blinds) If you take your Chips off the table you will considered out of the tournament, we will give one warning for first time offense from new players.

8) Once a player is eliminated (out of chips) they are not allowed entrance back into the main event. There will be side "bad beats games" in which other prizes (gift certificates) may be won from the venue.

9) Betting. In No-Limit Games, the minimum bet is the big blind. A raise must be at least the size of the previous raise (not necessarily the previous total bet). Ask tournament manager if you are confused on this.

10) If hands are turned over early with action pending may incur a penalty, but the hand is not considered a dead hand

11) If, by accident, the dealer shows a community card too early, dealer is instructed to place card back into the deck and fully shuffle the deck. If the burn card was already taken out, do not burn a second time use the first card on the top.

12) Split Pots will be evened out as much as possible. In the situation where there is a left over chip, it will be placed in the pot for the next hand.

13) When floor managers are getting rid of lower denomination chips, they will round up all chips to the lowest chips left on the table.

14) Moving players to new tables will happen as follows: if each table has four persons playing, the tables will be combined and all eight players will draw (high) cards to determine where the dealer button will start. In any other case (i.e. with any other number of players being moved), the players being moved will be picked randomly and placed in an open spot at the other table.

  1. Tables are only evened out when they are 3 players short

15) Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the rights and responsibilities of the position. Players can get the big blind, the small blind or the button. The only place a player cannot get a hand is between the small blind and the button.

16) Final Two Tables will re-deal for dealer, as all players are now in the points toward our Points Championship Tournament.

Chip Values

Starting Stack 10,000
white    100
red      200
blue     500
green   1000
black    5000
pink    10000

Nightly Points Awarded to Top 16
110 points
55 points
*All players receive 10 participation points just for coming


Players also receive bonus points dependent of participation. Each participating player puts 5 points in the "points pool" 10% goes to first place, 7% goes to 2nd - 8th place, and 5% goes to 9th - 16th place

Example: Tournament of 50 players. First Place will receive an additional 25 points added to base points. Second - Eight will receive 20 points and 10 points will go to the remaining top 16 players.

Eastern Poker Etiquette:

1.     Eastern Poker's goal is to be friendly to all demographics of people. . The Eastern Poker Tour is meant to be a fun and welcoming tournament for all skill levels beginning from NEVER EVER. These tournaments are meant to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for both the venue and the players participating. Those who compromise this mission can be asked to leave.

2.     NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES.  These outside restaurants are not the venue that is hosting free poker for you; it is an insult to the owners of the establishment to bring in product from one of their competitors. Players purchasing food and drinks during play are the reason bars are hosting these events. If players stop buying their products, they will no longer host a poker tournament. Karaoke and all the terrible singing that comes with it would then replace your poker night. Save your eardrums from second-hand karaoke, enjoy products from the venue.

3.     NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE. Personal attacks, vulgar swearing, and/or overly aggressive behavior are not allowed at the table. It makes other players feel uncomfortable, and is not an atmosphere we want to portray. Fines, penalties, and dismissal from the tournament will be enforced if there are any problems. Floor Manager has FINAL SAY in all disagreements and dismissals and EPT will have no remorse.

q      This includes excessive ranting about bad beats.   As Daniel Negreanu says with a smile (even if it is tearing him up inside): “That’s Poker!” Have a drink cool down and go complain with the others at the Bad Beats Table. Then better luck tomorrow.

4.      Hygiene. This should never be an issue, but if there are ever complaints about a playerŐs personal hygiene, we will have to ask that player to leave the tournament. If you are wearing a ripped, torn, or sleeveless shirt you could be asked to leave.

5.     Coaching. A player in the hand or not cannot influence a player on how he/she is betting. Floor managers will be more then willing to assist beginners who are trying to learn the rules of the game.

6.     Cheating. Absolutely no tolerance if a Floor Manager catches someone cheating. We will take tips from players and investigate the situation, a player who openly accuses another or tries to take matters into their own hands will be asked to leave.

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Mark Thibodeau
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Oswald Garlington
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