Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2024
Bar Poker Open





Ryan Chua


4,505 Total Points

Ryan is a beast at the tables. He took his skill and poker knowledge to represent Eastern Poker Tour at the Bar Poker Open $40K Championship.

Ryan took First Place against 609 players to win himself $10,000.

David D'Iorio


14,266 Total Points

Dave, a member since 2005, has 13 wins in only 300 appearances with EPT and other wins during the Ocean State Poker Days.

Dave is our Season 24 - $36K Champion for a massive $10,000 score.

Oswald Garlington


17,616 Total Points

Oz has always been a fierce competitor on the felt and one of the most kind hearted people we have come across, off the felt.

Oz's accolades within the EPT circuit come with dozens of 1st Place Finishes, 5th Place Finish at the Fall 2011 $36K Championship, and Thousands of Earning throughout the 10 years with Eastern Poker Tour.

Oz unfortunately passed away, much too young, on Thanksgiving Day of 2018. We will miss you Oz and save a seat for us in the "Big Game"!

Paul Giroux


102,361 Total Points

Paul is our Season 23 $36K Championship Winner, winning $10,000 for his performance. Paul is not only the winner of this premiere event but at the time of writing this, he has 37 total wins in less than 5 years playing, quickly climbing the all time leaderboard!

Justin Guimond


7,515 Total Points

Justin Guimond, winner season 14- $30K Championship (season 14) has gone home with over $16,000 in EPT winnings in less than 2 years on the tour.

Jesse Mason

"big mase"

15,040 Total Points

Big Mase is a hell of a player and one of the most liked guys on tour.

Jesse has amassed 12 wins in only 300 appearances.

His most memorable win is as our Season 22 - $36K Champion for $10,000.

Only 3 weeks later at the Bar Poker Open, he finished 1st place at Event 1 and 7th place at the Bar Poker Open $40K Championship!

Shane Matthews


47,329 Total Points

Shane is the first ever two time champion at our $36,000 Championships!!

Shane took the trophy in our season 17 $30K CHAMPIONSHIP winner! First Place in this event was a $12,000 WSOP Package! He also took first place in our Season 19 $36K CHAMPIONSHIP for a $10,000 cash prize!

Mike McGeehan


51,174 Total Points

Your Season 20 - $36,000 CHAMPION!!

Mike outlasted 275 opponents in the Day 1A - Points Championships, then he outwitted the 36 finalists in front of thousands on the EPT Livestream for a first place finish! Mike has opted for the $10,000 Cash Payout instead of the $12K WSOP option. We expect to see more of Mike in years to come!

John Murray


36,050 Total Points

We are proud to say John Murray is our first EPT Qualifier to cash in the Main Event! John was one of 3 qualifiers in our $400 Qualifier we held in May 2012.

He was able to parlay that into a 401st place in the 2012 Main Event for $28,530.

Other accomplishments John has is our $30K Championship Season 16 Champion in March 2011, a win in our $10K Guaranteed Charity Event, as well as countless nightly pub poker and charity poker wins.

Andre Pereira


61,483 Total Points

A regular player on the Central Mass Poker Circuit and an absolute force to recon with during any large event we host.
Andre's biggest EPT accomplishments are finishing 3rd in the 2nd Televised TOC beating out over 280 people and then Winning the $12,000 package on the following season against 330 players! Watch CSNNE any tuesday night to watch Andre in action.

Paul Seely


12,716 Total Points

Paul picked up poker after discovering the Eastern Poker Tour in April 2013.

After only 6 months of playing and studying the game, Paul netted a massive win of $20,000 for First Place at EPT's Great American Poker Challenge at Planet Hollywood, LV.

Carole Smith


87,409 Total Points

Carole Smith has won two of our most sought after tournaments! Carole won our Season 24 - Ceresi Cup against all the top regional players. She then followed up the win in Season 25 with a First Place in our $36K Championship for $10,000!

Greg Spirito


4,859 Total Points

Most Recent Champion of our Tournament of Champions! Look for Greg taking down the televised final table on Comcast Sportsnet (previously Foxsports NE)

Mark Thibodeau


1,110 Total Points

Mark is our season 18 champion! Season 18 championship boasted a $74,500 total prize pool! Mark's first win with EPT just so happens to be our largest first place prize ever for $21,000!!

Steven Walsh


18,129 Total Points

Steve Walsh has had a great 2013 with EPT. One of the most exciting moments for him was his $10,000 2nd place prize at EPT's Great American Poker Challenge at Planet Hollywood, LV.


Oswald Garlington
David D'Iorio
Jesse Mason
Andre Pereira
Steven Walsh
Ryan Chua
Paul Seely