Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2024
Bar Poker Open

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Are you a restaurant or bar in the Eastern United States with at least 500 sq ft. that can be cleared for poker tables?

Do you currently have a slow night during the week around 7pm - 11pm?

Have you looked into holding a poker tournament in your establishment but realized it is far too expensive and costly to properly manage a professional event with great prizes?

If you have answered "yes" to these questions, Eastern Poker Tour the answer. Our equipment rivals the finest poker rooms in Las Vegas , our management is highly experienced and dedicated to serve your customers, and our prizes are ENORMOUS! This combination guarantees to give your customers a fun and unique experience that will turn over sheer profits for your establishment!

If you are a bar, it is not practical to host a poker night on your own. To run an event properly, the equipment is too expensive, properly managing the event fairly takes too much time and energy, and big prizes are too expensive unless you run hundreds of events monthly like we do! As a bar, your energy should be focused on selling your own product: food and drink. Do not make the mistake of trying to take this on yourself. Do it right the first time, make yourself a part of the Eastern Poker Tour!

Our staff has done all the necessary legal work and research to ensure your poker night is operated completely within state law. We are always looking for new and exciting venues to host our events, so please contact us and ask how you can have your own poker night at no direct cost to you!


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