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Rhode Island - RI

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09-30-2021 02:20:29 AM

Iím coming 

11-07-2010 11:34:24 AM

If we get 10 points for playing in the POTM, then why don't we get the points for making the top 16?

10-15-2010 02:35:08 PM

how do i sign up to in in person??? how does it work to we play for money or for points??

10-13-2010 04:22:17 PM

I'm coming for you K Russ!!!  But you play more than me so I don't know...If not I'll take more wins & the higher points average...I'd love to tie so we can battle it heads up, that'd be fun!!!

09-17-2010 10:16:28 AM

Oh yea by tha way HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me..hahahaha


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Shane Matthews
Mike McGeehan
Paul Seely
Carole Smith
Andre Pereira
Ryan Chua