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Tick takes down # 4 - A blow by blow account

01-13-2010 12:48:10 PM

Congratulations to "The Tick" on win # 4 Sunday night at the "BOWL. I had long ago been eliminated from both regular play and bad beats, but had to stay to see if Tick could win # 4. Tick eliminated me when I had Aces full of 3's and he had Aces full of 5's, but enough about MY bad beat.

Picture this. 16 players left. Tick is average stacked. I offer 5-1 odds that Tick wins the entire event. 16 players and 5-1 odds !!!! Anybody willing to risk $100.00 against $20.00 that 15 players canít outlast one player. No takers !!!!!

Now to the final table.

Of course there were of couple of MASSIVE SUCKOUTS by Tick at the final table.

Tick goes all-in with A2.
Ozzie, short stacked, calls with A10.
Ouch, a 2 falls and Ozzie goes bye bye and Tick increases his stack.

Tick - big blind with Q7 for 12,000
Big stack raises to 24,000 (big, big mistake - too small a raise)
Tick calls the 12,000 raise.
Flop comes Q rag rag
Tick goes all-in and he gets called.
Tick shows Q7.
Other player shows QJ.


A GROAN goes though the audience.


Mighty Tick has struck out!

The crowd starts for the exits.

But wait !!!

There is still a sliver of hope.
Turn - no help.

Bang !!! River a 7 !!!!
Tick is now chip leader.

Play continues.

Down to 3 players.
Tick is big stack.
Player 2 (same one who had QJ previously is middle stack)
Player 3 is seriously short stacked (maybe 3 big blinds)

Letís describe the pivotal final hand.

It was a dark and stormy night.......................oooops, wrong story

Blinds are too high for me to count on my fingers and toes.
Player 2 and Tick see the flop.
Player 3 sits back, hoping to salvage 2nd place.
Tick flops Kings and checks.
Player 2 checks.
Turn is nothing interesting.
Tick checks.
Player 2 checks
River, nothing.
Tick checks.
Player 2 bets medium/large bet hoping to steal pot with small pair.
Tick comes over the top - ALL IN !
Player 2 calls.
Tick wins - has 10-1 chip lead over player 3 - agreement made that includes large
sum of money and a beer.
Game - set - match !!! ............................ Wait, that's tennis.

Again, congratulations Tick.
See you at the BOC in February.


Steven Walsh
Justin Guimond
Mark Thibodeau
Paul Seely
Greg Spirito
Jesse Mason
Ryan Chua