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Name: Anthony LaFazia

Hometown: Cranston


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Favorite Poker Hand:

Always the winner...of course! But Aces will do too!!

About Me:

I am a very competitive matter the game. Might get knocked down but will get up and eventually I will come out on top!

My Interests:

My family, friends, poker ( of course), golf, DARTS, cooking, baseball.....could keep going but noone really cares anyway!

Reason For Playing Poker:

I enjoy the competition and love playing the game!!! There is nothing better than knowing exactly what your opponent has and laying down a monster cause your beat, pushing cause you have the best of it or pushing cause you read someone's bluff!!

Favorite Poker Story:

Too many to type...much easier to remember the bad ones over the good ones. But coming back from 300 to win at Spirito's is up there as far as pub poker goes anyway.



03-30-2011 08:08:37 PM

where ya been bud? come see us soon

05-09-2010 10:58:40 AM

You get lost?..You have a Blackberry, they come equipped with GPS try to find KB later for the 3:30

12-09-2009 03:11:17 PM

You take a week off. Have a tune-up game on Monday. Get a win on Tuesday. You are the Tiger Woods of poker (not the current Tiger situation - LOL).

12-07-2009 11:12:16 AM

haha Alright, I gotcha.. You need to make it around to one of our games again.. You banked crazy here See you around Ant.. Show these guys alittle mercy will ya?

12-06-2009 03:36:16 PM

Where are you!!??


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