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Name: Jeffrey Bowden

Seasonal Tournament: Charity

Monthly Tournament: Charity

Hometown: Dartmouth, MA


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Manager of Support

Favorite Poker Hand:

The Ducks baby, I've got an uncanny way of winning with Dueces

Favorite EPT Location:

Friday Nights @ Red's Kitchen-- $600 GTD PAYOUT + BPO TOKENS

About Me:

What can I say more than I just love the game of Poker. Every dynamic of this game stimulates the senses and I always look for ways to improve upon my play.

My Interests:

Outside of Poker well theres work LOL and travel I love to travel the country and the whole and look forwaord to adding more places to my list of "been there!"

Reason For Playing Poker:

I play for competition, the thrill of winning, the dynamics of this complex game, the simplicity of luck, the passion to be the best at what I play.

Favorite Poker Story:

This one time in poker camp ...... my favorite story is when i hear about people that are successful and proud of thier poker playing. I learn from every aspect of the game even when it is someone elses game.


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# 500 !!!!!!!

09-27-2010 04:56:14 PM  View Post >>

BLOG for all of EPT?!

10-25-2007 07:26:01 PM  View Post >>

Welll Howdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-15-2007 10:20:29 PM  View Post >>


01-19-2010 03:40:38 PM

no one is better than you

04-01-2009 01:49:58 AM

I am getting soft I gave someone a win!!!!

02-04-2009 01:17:53 PM

Your welcome... I was in the giving mood thanks to the Super Bowl cheerleader special that was on... I just couldn't focus....

Next Monday I am playing not working, there will be no distractions so lets see what happens at the good old McFadden's Monday. I will make sure you sit at my table to my right again.

01-14-2009 09:52:33 PM

I remember the good ol' days where I got to see you more often
Whats up with this crap!!!??

07-30-2008 03:02:21 PM

Almost 17th last night, she went out 20 seconds before you... So whens the next party, maybe I will be in town for this one....


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