Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2024
Bar Poker Open


08-23-2010 02:35:13 PM

Ok thanks

08-23-2010 11:39:14 AM

Hey Jess can I get my points for Friday @ Pelly's? You gave them to someone else I was either 3rd or 4th got the $20 G/C...(8/20)

03-12-2010 12:56:09 AM

No Luxury Box results posted for Sat 3/7!  So why am I not on ur final table you suck up!

01-21-2010 12:06:35 AM

hmmm i dont c da pics?

01-20-2010 10:08:15 PM

Congrats on the win Mr. Bounty!  That North Bowl thing is still wrong! 


Ryan Chua
Mark Thibodeau
Steven Walsh
Mike McGeehan
David D'Iorio
Paul Giroux
Carole Smith