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10-09-2013 12:36:24 PM


Francis Farm management also wanted to make sure we announced to all players before the event, that it is their policy and MA State Law not to allow any outside beverages at a liquor licensed establishment, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. There was a few incidents last season that has now required us to hire a security staff to enforce this rule for this championship.

As part of our agreement to host the event, we have ensured to Francis Farm that we will disqualify any players attempting to bring outside beverages onto their property, this includes the parking lot
. Coffee and plenty of beverage options will be available for purchase by Francis Farm. We take this policy very serious, please respect this at our championship and all EPT events. Finish up your coffee on the way in your car, or purchase one there.

Players caught trying to hide any beverages, nips, beers, waters will be disqualified from the tournament. Players found out going to their car for beers or liquor will also be disqualified from the Championship.


In the past year, there has been an escalating amount of complaints from venues where players have been found to bring in outside beverages into our hosting venues. Some of these venues have actually dropped our events because of it. I blame myself for not making sure our staff is enforcing this, but that needs to come to an end.

Keep in mind that all our hosting venues put a lot of resources and efforts into hosting a great event with the expectation that you will patronize their establishment. Whether you realize it or not, bringing in a beverage from another business is taken as a gross insult to them (yes even your dunkies). Good venues are hard to find so please do your part in making sure our current venues enjoy your presence at our events.

Please also keep in mind that staff will gladly take care of you, if you take care of them in return. Treat all waitstaff with respect and dignity, and please show some appreciation with a standard gratuity. Standard expectations for someone who got your a drink is $1, we did not create this expectation it is just what any bartender or waitress would appreciate for their efforts and what they usually get from other patrons.

I think we all agree that these tournaments are a lot of fun, please do not ruin it by insulting our venues or staff at our events. In order to ensure the future of this league, we will be enforcing maximum penalties of suspension or possible expulsion from future EPT events for players that do not respect our no outside beverages policy.

Good venues are hard to find so please do your part in making sure our current venues enjoy your presence at our events.

Here is the simple math on our bar poker tournaments:
The more our venues appreciate us will mean word of mouth is great = more places to play
More Places To Play = More Prizes and Larger Championship Prizes


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