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EPT Online League *Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 PM

08-09-2021 06:57:21 PM

EPT Online has been created as an entirely new "Region" within Eastern Poker Tour. This means you can get all the same great EPT Benefits as the live games, right online at!

Online Region Points Update:
- Online points will act completely "neutral" and be added to your points total at whatever region you play
- If you play mainly online, you can be ranked in the Online Region as well!
- This is the same way "charity events" works

Online Region:

How Do You Play?
To play in the Online League, you will have to sign up for the Bar Poker Open "PRO" Membership. If you have any results with Eastern Poker Tour, you will already have an account.

You can sign-up or activate your account if you already have one right here:

When Do We Play?
You can play in the BPO Events from 10AM - 12AM as part of the PRO Membership. EPT hosts our own private online games on the platform in addition to these games. When you are in the tournament lobby, just change your "money type" from "tokens" to "play M".

EPT Online Games
Every Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:30 PM

What Do You Win Each Event?
A TON!!!

*1st Place Wins*
- $100 Cash Added to First Place
- Entry to the Eastern Poker Tour $10,000 Monthly Championship for that month
- 1 Token for any upcoming Token Game or the Sunday National Championship Qualifiers

*Top 10% Win 1 Token*

*Top 20% Win BPO Points
for the Bar Poker Open $5,000 Tournament of Champions

*Top 16 Win EPT Points
for the Eastern Poker Tour $10,000 Monthly Championship

What is the Bar Poker Open "PRO" Membership?

The "PRO" Membership gives you access to an additional $100,000 in cash and prizes every single month for a tiny membership fee of only $29 per month. That is less than $1 per day for access to a schedule of over 300 events online to play for amazing prizes agains the same fun and social group of players you are used to play against in bars, just online!

You can sign-up or activate your account if you already have one right here:


David D'Iorio
Andre Pereira
Mark Thibodeau
Paul Seely
Greg Spirito
Carole Smith
Justin Guimond