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$10,000 Monthly Championship Format Change

02-05-2018 12:37:36 PM

**This will become effective for the February Player of the Month on March 10th, 2018**

We have decided to tweak the $10,000 Monthly Championship to give a bigger starting chip-stack and give more rewards to multiple winners for that month.

The $10,000 Monthly Championship Information is here:

20,000 Base Starting Stack (up from 10,000)

+ 5,000 Chips for "Double Qualified" Players
- this is the same bonus as prior months but now with larger base stack
- double qualified players will now have a 25,000 starting stack (up from 15k)

+ 2,000 Chips for each additional win that month
- We have heard your requests for this and we have listened!
- Players will now receive 2,000 more chips for each additional win above their first win with 6 total wins max for a possible 10,000 stack bonus.

See February (Current month) Winners Here:
- make sure to view this "wall of champions" page for the most accurate list of players that won an event. - The regional monthly points ranking will only show games that are counting for points in that region.
- Players that play out of their primary region would not see a win on that page if it is in a secondary region and they have not played enough primary events.

Tournament Format:
- 100/200 Starting Blinds
- No Antes
- Escalating Structure:
20 Min First 12 Levels | 30 Min After Level 12


Mark Thibodeau
Mike McGeehan
Greg Spirito
Steven Walsh
Jesse Mason
John Murray
Justin Guimond