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01-03-2017 01:10:23 PM

POINTS UPDATES EXPLAINED As you have noticed, the points system and rankings have had a substantial overhaul. To ensure fairness, we have always had players advance through their local regional leaderboards to all championships. We felt this was much more of a fair measure of success than just one universal EPT leaderboard. The problem with that has always been that players did not receive credit for points if they played in an event outside of their region ... that has changed on a controlled basis.

In order to allow players to check out another regional event and still get credit, get credit for their championship scores, and also get credit for any and all charity events, we had to make some updates and upgrades. We hope these upgrades also make it easier to understand the points as well.

Player Statistics

The player statistics is not gone, you just have to log in first in order to see them. Once logged in you can look at your profile and quickly see your current ranking for the seasonal leaderboard, monthly leaderboard, all time leaderboards, and your player statistics.


Primary Region Points
Your primary region is decided based on what region you play the majority of the time of the season. Based where you play the most that season, you become a ______ region player. your points are put in a monthly and season leader-board that matches your primary tournament (region). This is displayed on your player profile.

Secondary Region Points
Secondary Region points means you played outside of your region. Before these would not have counted at all for you, but now they can count for your primary region, as long as you did not play more than 20% of your primary region in a secondary region. A good rule of thumb is to play secondary events no more than 1 in 5 times your primary region. In order to start getting "inactive" points to become activated, you will have to play in more primary regional events.

If a secondary region is not being counted, it will be grey to display that it is inactive until more primary events are attended.

Charity/Neutral Events
Charity events count as their own region and also count as a neutral event for players who's home region is another pub region. Charity events will count as a neutral event if you are primarily a pub poker player for those that play the majority of the time in charity event will become a primary charity player and compete on the charity leaderboards.

Saturday events are neutral events as well. A player in any region can play in our Saturday events and the points will count towards whatever region you play.

Championship Events
Championship events are counted as neutral events. Our monthly, seasonal, and championship events held throughout the year will always count towards your points races on whatever leader-board you call home.

Monthly Points
Even though your profile only shows the secondary points released for the season, the same restriction applies to the monthly leaderboards. If you play outside of your primary region at an event that is not considered neutral, you need 5 primary seasons to release 1 secondary region in that particular month.


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