Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2024
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#1  Trammell, Kyle
157 Points Awarded
#2  Chouinard, Vickie
136 Points Awarded
#3  Delfino, Mike
131 Points Awarded
#4  Stevens, Lance
121 Points Awarded
#5  Welch, Meredith
116 Points Awarded
#6  Murphy, Cathy
111 Points Awarded
#7  Culla, Michel
106 Points Awarded
#8  Campagnone, Vin
101 Points Awarded
#9  Garofalo, Jay
84 Points Awarded
#10  Barrett, Carole
79 Points Awarded


$10,000 Monthly Championship

02/16/2013 @ 11:00 AM

Walpole VFW
108 Robbins Road
Walpole, MA

Registration Time:10:30 AM
First Hand Dealt At:11:00 AM

First time in EPT History, we are giving away wild-card seats into the 36,000 Championship Finals on top of the generous $1,200 in cash we already give out for our monthly free-roll. To play in our Player of the Month tournament, just get yourself into the top players in any month, the points reset on the first of every month, and we have 5 more wildcard seats to give out to instantly pass into the final round of the $36K. Saturday February 16th, 2013 LOCATION: Foxboro VFW 337 Cocassett St Foxboro, MA Registration opens at 10:30 AM First Hand Dealt at 11:00 AM 10,000 starting stack, 20 min levels 25/50 starting blinds (200x's bb), deep-stacked levels, dealers at all tables, no antes These top players from the month of January are invited: Rhode Island - Top 20 Players Southern Massachusetts - Top 20 Players Central Massachusetts - Top 10 Players Greater Lowell - Top 15 Players Framingham - Top 10 Players Charity Tournaments - Top 10 Players Southcoast - Top 10 Players Players are invited to compete for a $1,200 Total Payout: 1st - $500 2nd- $300 3rd - $200 4th - $100 5th - $100 See you on Saturday, the 16th!

This event is part of the Championships Tour





Andre Pereira
Oswald Garlington
Steven Walsh
Jesse Mason
John Murray
Mark Thibodeau
Mike McGeehan