$2.3 Million Won at Eastern Poker Tour Events in 2015
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01-03-2017 01:09:40 PM

Represent Eastern Poker Tour in Las Vegas, and play in the Largest Bar Poker Championship in U.S. History, just by playing in our nightly events!!

2 Steps to Win A Seat Instantly in Pub Events
Step 1: Finish Top 3 At Any Eastern Poker Tour Event- win a token to use at any weekly online qualifier on barpokeropen.com

Step 2: 1 in 20 Win a Seat in Weekly Qualifiers- Every Sunday at 11:00 AM- First Place even wins a full vacation package that includes flight, hotel, and seat into the championship.
Finish in the Top 15% For the Season for an Invite
Didn't win a seat? It is OK! We want as many players as possible representing Eastern Poker Tour in Vegas. Keep yourself in the Top 15% this Season, and you earn an invite to Buy-in to the $200,000 Championship for only $235 total cost.

Win and Your In! at Charity Events Started in 12/12/16, all players that win a single Charity Event, instantly win a seat to play in the $200,000 Championship. Your only cost as a seat winner will be the $35 house fee.

FEBRUARY IS BAR POKER OPEN Wildcard Month. For the entire month of February, players can WIN AND YOUR IN AT ANY PUB EVENT!
That seat going to be added to the normal nightly prize. This is a $200+ value!

If you have any questions regarding out qualifiers to the Bar Poker Open $200,000 Championship, please do not hesitate to ask!


Ryan Chua
Paul Giroux
Mark Thibodeau
Paul Seely
Justin Guimond
David D'Iorio
Steven Walsh