Borgata Poker
Bar Poker Open


#1  Poulin, Mike
164 Points Awarded
#2  Shaw, Paul
119 Points Awarded
#3  Lambert, Gloria
114 Points Awarded
#4  Borges, Steve
104 Points Awarded
#5  Heitmann, Kurt
99 Points Awarded
#6  Higgins, Scott
94 Points Awarded
#7  Carafa, Debbie
89 Points Awarded
#8  Harris, Donald
84 Points Awarded
#9  Walsh, Thomas
72 Points Awarded
#10  Cicchetti, Dawn
67 Points Awarded
#11  Bolton, Jason
62 Points Awarded
#12  Grenon, David
57 Points Awarded
#13  Higgins, Bob
52 Points Awarded
#14  Sierra, Richard
47 Points Awarded
#15  Grenon, Jody
42 Points Awarded
#16  Fortier, Gerry
37 Points Awarded



99 1/2 Wilson St
Norwwod , MA

The first event of the year at the Super Dragon saw a below average field of 27 players. Thank you to everybody who made the trek using roadways only a true New Englander could navigate!It was a slow moving field as players vied for their share of the $400 GTD prizepool.

5 handed action got underway with Kurt Heitman driving the action and though he was both super stacking and crippled during 5 handed play he eventually lost one too many flips to sign out 5th tonight. Longtime EPT RI rounder Steve Borges rode his short stack as long as possible but never seemed to gain ground on the field before being eliminated in 4th place. This left only Action Mike Poulin, Firefighter Paul Shaw, and tonights bounty Gloria Lambert 3 handed

With a target on her back all night, Lambert survived numerous flips while at risk long before the final table and thrived tonight before finally losing to Mike Poulin 3 handed. Action Mike squared off against Paul Shaw, how was down to 5400 early, early on but managed to weave his way through top 16 and the FT chipping up all along the way! It just wasnt meant to be for Shaw though as Action Mike just held on and hit when he needed, eventually winning one final flip to take down his second event of this early season!

Directors Note: Jason Bolton was on a quest for a 3rd consecutive win but was ousted 11th. This also marked the second consecutive event, in 2 of 2 total event this new year, where the victor captured bounty honors! Congratulations again Action Mike!

This event is part of the Southern Massachusetts Tour





Steven Walsh
David D'Iorio
Ryan Chua
Andre Pereira
Justin Guimond
Mike McGeehan
Paul Giroux