Bar Poker Open National Championship 2021
As Seen on Comcast

"EPT Johnny"



Name: John  C. Maguire Jr

Seasonal Tournament: North Shore

Monthly Tournament: North Shore

Hometown: Burlington, MA


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Caretaker grandfather

Favorite Poker Hand:

The winning one

Favorite EPT Location:

*WILL RETURN IN THE FALL**Lakeside Tavern - 4PM- $300 GTD - 4PM

About Me:

2000 views of my profile !!!! Big increase since the BPO online games. Be clever and funny to make people feel more comfortable at the tables even though they are hundreds and thousands of miles apart. Made some FAVS from all over. TY for the hits !

My Interests:

Golfer. Follow all major sports. Favorite teams SF Giants and 49ers, Chicago Blackhawks, Golden State Warriors and Arsenal FC. Reader. Have a personal library of hundreds of books. Poker player, maybe.

Reason For Playing Poker:

We are social animals. We need social, emotional and physical contact and interaction. The recluse loses his humanity. Loneliness kills. Besides, I want to win all the purple chips and maybe I'll get lucky. WinkWink.

Favorite Poker Story:

Stu Unger. Bartender asks for his ID.Stu screams, "I'm 35 years old!" No ID no service. Stu slams $20,000 on the bar top. "There, there's my ID!" Bartender smiles, "What'll ya have?" Short version of a Mike Sexton story.


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