Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship 2023
Bar Poker Open


02-12-2010 06:50:45 PM

i took someone off just for you (: why arnt i at yours?

02-02-2010 09:24:02 PM

Haha, I dont think so buddy :)

It's never my fault :p ! (unless its something good, haha)

02-02-2010 02:08:06 PM

woohoooo youre at my final table.

02-02-2009 06:18:54 PM

just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the chips yesterday, although they only got me to 4th place......  damn i suck at this game

12-06-2008 11:06:53 PM



Andre Pereira
Paul Giroux
Greg Spirito
Paul Seely
Shane Matthews
Jesse Mason
David D'Iorio