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What would you do?

01-07-2008 10:27:28 AM

I wonder if anyone even looks at these but I am bored so I figured I would post this hand from a few nights ago since everyone I talk to keeps saying 'I couldn't have laid down Q's' or 'I don't think I've ever mucked Q's preflop before' or they keep telling me I made an amazing lay down. Anyways here is the hand. Last hand before Final 16 so you are in the points in case that matters to anyone. You are sitting to the right of the button. Blinds at 400/800 Play folds to you. You raise to 2400 with pockets Queens. Player on the button goes all in and the blinds fold. You are even with him in chips with around 12,000 give or take a couple hundred. What would you do? I folded, even though that had been the first hand I'd seen in almost an hour. I know that phrase gets thrown around a lot too but it is no BS, I couldn't catch 2 cards that even looked semi good together. I also know it depends on who you are laying down to and the feeling you get about the hand but that being said I folded. Anyone, who wasn't there that night, want to guess what he had?


01-08-2008 03:41:19 PM

Let me guess.....he had pocket jacks?


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