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EPT Framingham - 7/21/11 - All Star

07-21-2011 02:36:02 PM

First! - Follow me on Twitter @ AnthonyDugas6 as I update others stacks and myself during tournaments! I will be adding the full tournament from the time I start till I am out for tonight's tournament!

Starting Chips - 20,000 - Double Stack Double Payout

Started the day with a couple of "blind" wins. Few hands in got dealt 3-3. Player raised it three times the blinds (600) I call with no other callers. Heads up flop comes 5-3-J. Player raises about 10x the blinds (1,200) I pop a re-raise to 3,600 and a fold. No show by the player. I felt great until I had no good hands almost for two hours. I had a couple A-Rag hands but nothing great to push hard with. Blinds got high with 3,000-6,000. I had about 12,000 chips. I push the next hand after Big Blind and go up to about 20,000. Next hand I have A-9. I push all in with three callers. K-9, A-9, A-9, A-6. Board shows 9-J-J-3-2. I split with chip leader and go to about 70,000. After that hand blinds went up at a 6 handed table. If low cards were the best I would be cheap leader in NO TIME! Got pretty rough. At 50,000 with blinds at 6,000-12,000. In the big blind someone raises all in for 42,000. I call with Q-J of spades. Player has A-9. 9-9-3-J-2 is the board bringing me down to around 18,000. I have K-9 Suited in small blind, Push all in and knocked out to A-7.

Overall: 13th place out of 57.

Fun night at All Star, Like always!

Posting more tomorrow (7/22/11) from Southern MA!

Make sure to check out my father! Ripping through the EPT (Southern MA) right now! "Stephen Dugas"



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