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WSOP Grand Finale Saturday June 3 | 12PM | WALPOLE VFW

08-13-2022 01:32:12 PM

WSOP Grand Finale
Saturday, June 3, 2022
12:00 PM
25,000 Chips, 30 Min Blinds
*Multiple winners/qualifiers win 5,000 additional chips for each win

$35,475 was collected in the WSOP League!

1 Package
Awarded to our 1st Place Leaderboard Finisher Joe Starratt!

2 Packages to be awarded based on the WSOP Fund during the Championship!
1st Place Wins $10,000 Main Event Seat + $2,000 for Travel
2nd Place Wins $10,000 Main Event Seat + $1,475 for Travel

Top 10 Players in Points Each Win 1% of All Winners Action Total of 10%.

#1 Starratt, Joe
#2 Ziegler, Rick
#3 Smith, Ronnie
#4 Minot, Joseph
#5 Bowden, Jeffrey
#6 O'Connell, Alan
#7 Barros, Manuel
#8 Congro, Basil
#9 Driscoll, Greg
#10 Fegan, Marc

For more information on the WSOP League and the leaderboard, click here:

Want incredible odds at MULTIPLE WSOP Main Event Packages? Starting Tuesday, August 16th, we are starting a WSOP League Charity Event Series to play for standard nightly payouts + money will be withheld to fund MULTIPLE WSOP Main Event Packages at the end of the season!

Every Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
Starting August 16th, 2023 - May 30th, 2023
WSOP Grand Finale on Saturday, June 3, 2023

Stoughton Portuguese National Club
21 Railroad Ave
Stoughton, MA

$125 for 25,000 Chips
20 Min Levels (Big Blind Ante Format)
First Hand at 6:00 PM
Late Registration Open 6 Levels (Until 8PM)

Win Nightly Payouts
+ WSOP Main Event Packages!
70% of Entry Paid Out Nightly as a standard charity event payout table with $25 from each entry with-held to fund the WSOP Main Event Packages.

Play for MULTIPLE Main Event Packages!

We will be having an exclusive WSOP Leaderboard, for only the Tuesday Night Games, and also will be hosting a WSOP Grande Finale on June 3, 2023

Win nightly payout + instantly advance to the WSOP Grand Finale on June 3, 2022

Earn WSOP Points for the WSOP Leaderboard

Top 50 On The Leaderboard Invited To WSOP Grand Finale on June 3, 2022
Top 50 in Points Invited to Play for MULTIPLE $12,000 WSOP Main Event Packages.
1 Package is Guaranteed. We anticipate awarding 3 - 4 Full Packages in this small free-roll event!

Top 10 On Leaderboard Win 1% of the WSOP Main Event Action of All Winners!
Don't win a WSOP Package? Top 10 players will also win 1% of each players action that win their packages! If we award 4 players main event seats, you will have 1% of 4 players action!

1st Place On Leaderboard Instantly Wins WSOP Main Event Package
Make "Tuesday" Your Poker Night! Got the skills and stamina to finish in 1st Place on the WSOP Leaderboard? Players are ranked for their Top 16 Finishes, based on these Tuesday Night events, with 1st Place Winning The Full Package.


Jesse Mason
Carole Smith
Justin Guimond
Mark Thibodeau
Greg Spirito
Steven Walsh
Paul Seely