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EPT RESTART! New Championship Formats and Updated Dates!

06-28-2021 01:10:14 PM

We know that these championship events are a big part of our league and the community that these championship bring together so we certainly have prioritized these events once we had the staffing and the capacity to host them.

Now that we have restarted our events to some capacity, we have gotten a lot of questions in regards to how we are treating the restart and how the points and championships are effected now that we have restarted to some capacity. 

We are working hard to get all our events back up and running to the capacity of where we started. Despite quite a few challenges, we have been able to get to about 50% capacity in just a couple of weeks and are hopeful we will be back at 100% by August 1st.

As you know, the Bar Industry and more specifically the Bar Entertainment Industry has been one of the hardest hit industries with EPT and many of our venues completely closed for 14+ Months so please bear with us as we work hard to getting things back up and running. Please also show your support by patronizing our events while you are there and take care of your wait staff.


February $10,000 Monthly Championship
July 24, 2021

Now that we have the Charity Events up and running, we have a venue to host this event.

We will be rescheduling the $10,000 Monthly Championship that we had to cancel due to Covid to July 24, 2021.

You can view your regions rankings on this page for February 2020:


$30,000 Championship moved to April 2022 increased to $50,000!

Without a venue to host our $30K Event at this time as well as many other factors, like conflicts with Bar Poker Open Championship in the Fall, we are rescheduling the $30,000 Championship to April 2022.
$30,000 Championship will also be increased to a $50,000 Championship and will have TWO seasons combined into one for one exciting weekend!

Day 1A (Saturday)
Season 30 (4/1/2019 - 7/31/2021)

Season 30 will be Day 1A (Top 10% Invited)

Our Season 30 will be extended to the end of July to allow us to run out the end of the season with a comparable amount of events as we would have had if Covid did not stop our business. These points will include the online events weekly, as advertised and the only way to participate with EPT in the past 14 months.

Day 1B (Sunday)
Season 31 (8/1/2021 - 3/31/2021)

Season 31 will be Day 1B (Top 15% Invited)

Season 31 will be shortened 4 months to allow our Championship to fall in April 2021 to avoid the expected Bar Poker Open Summer Championship and Fall Championship. We will also increase the invites to the Top 15% for this season.
Day 2 will combine Top 16 Players from each day will combine with the Top 8 from Each Monthly Championship to play for the Increased $50,000 Prize Pool!



March 2020 Monthly that was stopped early in the month, will be called the “$10,000 COVID Championship” and include all online and live events that fell between:March 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021

$10,000 Covid Championship will be held on August 14, 2021

This event will be the last $10,000 Monthly Championship of “Season 30”.
- Top 8 Will Advance to Day 2 of the newly increased $50,000 Championship
- Top 16 will all win a piece of the $10,000 Cash Payout!

Player can continue to earn points at live and online events for this championship until July 31, 2021.


Bar Poker Open Championship

October 10 - 17, 2021

As many of you probably know, the Bar Poker Open continued operations through the Online Membership club, and because of that effort the 2020 Bar Poker Open Vegas Championship will not only be rescheduled, but will be the Largest Bar Poker Open Championship To Date!!!

On October 10 - 17, 2021 the Bar Poker Open is expected to give out over $400,000 in the newly formatted World Championship Event and we want you all there!!

Over 500 Eastern Poker Tour Players will win an “invite” or a “paid seat” to the Bar Poker Open.
Nearly 100 EPT Players will win Full Vegas Packages By October of 2021!!

To Learn More about the Bar Poker Open World Championship
Click Here:

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Paul Seely
Shane Matthews
Steven Walsh
Mark Thibodeau
John Murray
Paul Giroux
David D'Iorio