Bar Poker Open East Coast Championship 2018
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Team Poker Challenge 10-- November 17, 2018-- $15,000 GUARANTEED

09-24-2018 01:14:09 PM

TEAM POKER CHALLENGE is back for our 10th year, with a new look, and with a massive $15,000 Guarantee!!

TEAM POKER changes the whole dynamic of a poker tournament. Usually, once you are eliminated, you no longer have any shot to win anything more in the tournament. Now, with your teammates still in the game, you still have a financial interest in the tournament keeping you and your teammates on edge as your lasting players make every move!
Aside from it being a massive tournament with usually 250-300 players, it is also one of the most exciting tournaments of the year as you sweat every move your team makes and hang out with hundreds of fellow EPT players at a great venue! Put together your own team of "elite" players, and don't miss out on this year's event!

Teams made up of 4 or 3 can form their own teamIndividuals can register and be placed on EPT created teams as "free agents"Teams are required to make team name and encouraged to wear team uniformsAll players play at the same time with no down time watching your partners playTotal payout is split 60/40 with players and teams(Players individually competing for 60% of payouts while top teams will play for 40% of payout)Teams or Individuals both welcome to participate. Everyone must register online so seating cards and badges can be made. We will create "free agent" teams of any individuals that register. This event usually sells out so register ASAP!

Saturday, November 17th, 2018
Walpole German Club8 County St.Walpole, MA

11:00 AM

- 11:15 AM: Registration, photos, and badges
- 12:00 PM: First Hand Dealt
- $120 Donation Per Person
- 25,000 Starting Stack
- 100/200 Starting Blinds (no antes)
- Teams cannot start until players have arrived and completed team photos

4:00 PM
$150 Superstack (80% Payout)
- 25,000 Chips
- 25 Min Levels (First 10 levels), 30 Min Level (After 10th level)
- 100/100 starting blinds
- Big blind ante starts at 400-800
- Re-entry allowed

7:00 PM
$60 Cheapstack
- 20,000 Chips
- 100/100 starting blinds, no antes
- Re-entry allowed

TEAM POKER CHALLENGE is back for our 10th year, with a new look, and with a massive $15,000 Guarantee!!


Paul Seely
Jesse Mason
John Murray
Paul Giroux
Mike McGeehan
Greg Spirito
Shane Matthews