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Qualify INSTANTLY for the $200,000 National Championship in June

01-04-2018 07:46:17 PM

We will be a part of the largest Bar Poker Championship in History this June of 2018 and we want you at the Final Table!

Last year, Eastern Poker Tour players made up HALF of the televised $200,000 Championship Final Table, and we want you all to be there for this year's event as we play for a minimum of $200,000 Cash!
How Do You Qualify?Win a Seat Instantly or Win an Invite through our points ranking.

***Win a Seat INSTANTLY***
Win seats either in the Bar Poker Open Online Qualifiers or Win and Your In at any local charity event! Players that won a seat only have to pay the $35 venue fee (staffing drinks, dealer costs, ect).

STEP 1) Finish Top 3 At Any EPT Event and win a "BPO TOKEN"
STEP 2) Redeem BPO Token in Weekly Online Qualifiers
- Finish Top 5% At Any Weekly and Win a Seat
- Finish 1st Place and Win A Full Vegas Package!

EPT Charity Event Winners
Starting January 1st, 2018, EPT Charity Winners can win seats instantly to play in the $200,000 National Championship in Las Vegas

Starting in February, we will be bringing back the $30 BPO Travel Satellites to the Saturday Charity events and will be giving away tickets to this game so you can FREE-ROLL TO VEGAS!

Invited players are invited to participate but will pay the full buy-in and entry fee of $180 total to play for a $100,000 Guaranteed Payout.

EPT Players can guarantee themselves the ability to play by keeping their points in contention. Over 400 EPT Players will be "invited" to buy-in to the event and play for $200,000 for only $235.

Bar Poker Open Super League Ranking
- The top 405 players on the Bar Poker Open Super League are projected to be invited to participate.
- See that list here

Eastern Poker Tour's - Season 28 Top 10%
That's right, if you qualified to play in our $30,000 Annual Championship, you are also invited to join us and represent Eastern Poker Tour with hundreds of other players from our community!

A lot of this list is redundant to the Super League Ranking, but you are also invited to participate if you are this list and not the other.

See the top 10% list here and click your region

If you have any questions regarding this event, please do not hesitate to ask!


John Murray
Andre Pereira
Shane Matthews
Greg Spirito
Steven Walsh
David D'Iorio
Jesse Mason