Bar Poker Open National Championship 2019
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#1  Torres, Victoria
171 Points Awarded
#2  Souza, Brendan
125 Points Awarded
#3  Esters, Mark
120 Points Awarded
#4  DaRosa, David
110 Points Awarded
#5  Moreton, Matt
105 Points Awarded
#6  schneller, will
100 Points Awarded
#7  Silvia, Kate
95 Points Awarded
#8  Santangelo, Robert
90 Points Awarded
#9  Pacheco, Cindy
76 Points Awarded
#10  Rampino, Mike
71 Points Awarded
#11  Delfino, Mike
66 Points Awarded
#12  Thibert, Sandra
61 Points Awarded
#13  Vaccaro, Jason
56 Points Awarded
#14  Garrant, Michael
51 Points Awarded
#15  Heckman, Andrew
46 Points Awarded
#16  Laferrara, Matthew
41 Points Awarded


Jockey Club-$200 GTD PAYOUT!


115 New State Hwyn Rt 44
Raynham, MA


Jockey club awarded even more prizes as the field cracked 40 for the 8th time in the past 11 Wednesday night events! EPT is happy to welcome long time lovers and grinders John and Sandy Thibert, 12th, back to the field! Old faces and new impacted tonights field size and final table action!

EPT SOMA season points leader Mike Delfino was edged out in 11th tonight while Mike Rampino added another top 10 finish to his seasonal credits as tonights FT bubble boy!

Tonights FT kicked off with a fury during the 2/4K and 3/6K levels! Cindy Pacheco moved her short stack in early but two callers and action in the side pot meant her night ended prematurely in 9th. 7th and 8th place finishers Kate Silvia and Bo Santangelo both moved in desperately short but a 3 way showdown with her AJo, Bos pocket 8s, and big stack Matt Moretons A9s saw an ace and 9 both fall by the turn as Moretons two pair scooped a nice pot early to add to his already impressive stack.

As 6 handed play surged on Moreton found himself in yet another 3 way showdown! Moreton raised after an UTG limp by Brendan Souza while diminuitive sb Will Schneller, making his Jockey Club debut, shipped in for less, and Souza also called with Moretons bet covering both players. Moreton showed 99 while Schneller held 44 but it was Souzas JJ that got in best and held on through the nriver to scoop a pivotal pot while eliminating Will, 6th, and significantly denting Matt! Souza went on to win the following 4 hands to build his stack into a threat to all!

Moreton stayed aggressive but a tough five handed table proved his match tonight as he signed out 5th. David DaRosa built a big stack early on and coasted all night but going card dead at the FT is hard to overcome and his fate was sealed with a 4th place finish. So Mark Esters, Victoria Torres, and Brendan Souza all sat 3 handed with relatively even stacks in front of them!

All 3 were out for the win and 3 handed action was aggressive & entertaining! Souza sat tight after seeing he was unable to outplay Torres from the sb v her bb. Esters had position on Torres's SB but her aggressive betting style cost him on several occcassions and even though he would rebound it was eventually Souza who woke up to AJ when Esters jammed the sb w A7o. This was the fatal race for Esters who exited 3rd leaving Torres v Souza HU!

Torres utilized a strong, aggressive strategy HU v Souza. The stacks were pretty even after Souza scooped the last 106K from Esters but he had no rebuttal for the onslaught of action broiught forth by Victoria! Torres doubled up her final 163K through Souza when he called her reraise all in with KQ on a J93 flop. Torres held A3 and her 3rd pair on the flop stayed good. She never looked back and a demoralized Souza never recovered as Torres scooped her first win of Season 21, qualifying her for this seasons Tournament of Champions! Congratulations Victoria and Brendan on outlasting 40 other players to finish top 2 tonight!!!

Directors note: Many of tonights FT participants built their stacks early on, making for a comfortable middle game before the FT began! Torres registered using a bad beats voucher, entered the FT as chip leader, took it down, and even earned tonights bounty bonus points! Impressive Victoria! Yes folks, yet another winner who eliminated the bounty, continuing the 2014 trend of winners who eliminated the bounty!

This event is part of the Southern Massachusetts Tour





Greg Spirito
Ryan Chua
Mark Thibodeau
Steven Walsh
Paul Giroux
Andre Pereira
John Murray