Bar Poker Open National Championship 2019
Bar Poker Open


#1  Maione, Kathie
168 Points Awarded
#2  Harris, Donald
123 Points Awarded
#3  Salvatore, Jim
118 Points Awarded
#4  Didick, Richard
108 Points Awarded
#5  Goldberg, Larry
103 Points Awarded
#6  Dawber, Jim
98 Points Awarded
#7  Gallucci, Jane
93 Points Awarded
#8  Mcguire, Bill
88 Points Awarded
#9  Flemming III, Vincent
74 Points Awarded
#10  Borges, Steve
69 Points Awarded
#11  Rebollo, John
64 Points Awarded
#12  Perry, Alex
59 Points Awarded
#13  Delfino, Mike
54 Points Awarded
#14  Blasi, Bob
49 Points Awarded
#15  Clinton, Derek
44 Points Awarded
#16  Walsh, Thomas
39 Points Awarded


Bo's Billiards-12:30 PM- $200 GTD!


33 Lambert Lind HWY
Warwick, RI


Solid of turnout of 36 today at the DS+DP at Luxury Box in Seekonk! Todays guest of honor was Bill McGuire who was competing in his 100th 1pm Lux Box event! In honor of his 100th Bill was awarded 30 points to begin the event, but any player who knocked him out would claim his points as he was todays bounty!

Lux Box debutant Vincent Flemming III made the final table but his short stack quickly succumbed in 9th. McGuire was still alive, and chipped up well during top 16 play, but finally saw himself on the losing side of a big flip v Kathie Maione to finish his 100th in 8th place! Lux Box 1pm all time points leader Jane Gallucci soon followed in 7th, followed shortly after by Jim Dawber, 6th.

With 5 handed action underway and blinds already at 10/20k short stack Larry Goldberg,5th, unsuccessfully defended his bb HU for 50K total with 24o v Rich Didick, who opened the betting with KK. Didick amassed 76K by buffet break, and played a solid and patient FT, but walked away with yet another 4th place finish after being craftily outplayed by Don "Blue" Harris in several blind v blind hands.

Jim Salvatore benefited from several walks from Harris as the blinds reached 20/40k 3 handed before finally getting his double up through Kathie Maione. However, it wasnt meant to be as Salvatore aggressively shipped it all in w/A5o 3 handed only to have Harris snap call and felt TT which held on propelling Harris to the chip lead v Kathie Maione HU. A great HU match ensued but as the chips moved back and forth and the stacks evened out as blinds peaked at 30/60k. Finally Kathie Maione flopped a set of 4s which she check reraised only to have Blue defend his raise on the flop. She played it strong on the turn with the chip lead and an all in. Blue tanked long and hard before paying her off with his A5o, busting HU with 2nd pair! This marked the 3rd consecutive event where the player who captured the events bounty continued on to victory! Congratualtions Kathie Maione!

Directors Note: It was god to be back in the front of Luxury Box once again! This area will continue to serve future events here, offering better lighting and bar and pool table access! Also, a reminder, all Saturday events are neutral and count immediately towards regional rankings. This venue regualarly draw players from 3 regions! POTM events the next two weeks will surely shrink the field size so come on down to Luxury Box for your chance to earn a W and a berth into our season 21 Tournament of Champions! Happy New Year!

This event is part of the Rhode Island Tour





Shane Matthews
John Murray
Oswald Garlington
Greg Spirito
Paul Seely
Justin Guimond
Mark Thibodeau