Bar Poker Open National Championship 2019
Bar Poker Open


#1  McGonagle, Jim
142 Points Awarded
#2  Ferdinand, William
125 Points Awarded
#3  O'Connor, Ryan
120 Points Awarded
#4  Perez, Alfredo
110 Points Awarded
#5  Londergan, Robyn
105 Points Awarded
#6  Milord, Francois
100 Points Awarded
#7  Young, Bob
95 Points Awarded
#8  Grenon, Jody
120 Points Awarded
#9  Drazek, John
76 Points Awarded
#10  Rampino, Mike
71 Points Awarded
#11  Poulin, Mike
66 Points Awarded
#12  Grenon, Joe
61 Points Awarded
#13  Haggerty, Tara
56 Points Awarded
#14  Weinberg, Jeffrey
51 Points Awarded
#15  Gentles, Linval
46 Points Awarded
#16  Smith, Patricia
41 Points Awarded


Slapshotz Gastro Pub- $200 Guaranteed + Free Week Added!


524 Broadway
Slapshotz Gastropub
Raynham, MA


Todays DS+DP prize pool increased once again as the 4pm event at Morrells Country Tavern in West Bridgewater broke 40 entrants for the second consecutive week! EPT SOMAs most beautiful venue also boasted a grand buffet of Chicken Parmigiana with Ziti, Caesar Salad, fresh rolls w/butter and some great dessert cakes!

The grandmother/granddaughter tandem of Patricia Smith and Tara Haggerty both top 16nd today, earning both players their first top 16s ever at 16th and 13th respectively! New player Linval "Tony" Gentles battled long and hard before being ousted in 15th. EPT SOMA regulars Mike Poulin, 11th, and Mike Rampino, 10th, made their way out as the remaining 9 made their way to the FT!

An early double knock out left the table 7 handed after John Drazek signed out 9th and Jody Grenon signed out 8th. Jody also added bounty bonus points to her resume today, a fine follow up to last Sundays 4pm runner up performance! Bob Young couldnt get anything going at the final table and quickly there were 6 left.

Francois Milord played tight but couldnt double up another time at the final table and his stack fell short in 6th. Robyn Londergan, who was defending her 4pm win from last Sunday, made a valiant effort but fell just short of repeating in 5th. The stacks evened out as four handed play carried on but EPT fan favorite Alfredo Perez soon faded away in 4th.

So Jim McGonagle, Ryan O'Connor, and Bill Ferdinand were left 3 handed with each in search of their second win of the season! More wins means more chips at the seasonal TOC and these players were well aware as play continued on!

Blinds were at 20/40K when they finally caught up to O'Connor. He had several FT double ups but it wasnt meant to be as he received tonights 3rd place prize. McGonagle worked a commanding stack early on in the event, though shortened during the middle stages, benefited from a hot rush leading upto the FT. Ferdinand picked and weaved his way to the FT but here both players sat virtually even HU. McGonagle gained the edge through walks and preflop raises. Play lasted through most of 30/60K before a weak ship by the desperate Ferdinand was called by the BB McGonagle. Jims J5o was ahead preflop and it held as dealer Bo Majkut ran out the flop, turn, and river. Congratulations to both Bill Ferdinand and Jim McGonagle for taking top honors in this 44 player field! This also marks Jims 2nd win of the season, meaning he will have a chip advantage at the start of the Season 21 EPT Tournament of Champions!!!

Directors note: Morrells Country Tavern in West Bridgewater is quickly becoming a regional favorite venue. Their beautiful interior and decor combined with an unmatched buffet has led to large fields early on at this new venue! Come on down on Sundays for the 4pm DS+DP, which has been breaking 40 players regularly, and the 7pm Deepstack, which has a free week of buffets added to its prizepool! See ya there!

This event is part of the Southern Massachusetts Tour





Carole Smith
Greg Spirito
Andre Pereira
Shane Matthews
Jesse Mason
John Murray
Paul Seely