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02-01-2017 12:09:39 PM

It's official, we will be hosting the Largest Bar Poker Championship in U.S. History on June 11 - 14, 2017 at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!!

Mark your calendars, we plan to have at least 150 Eastern Poker Tour Players there with a TON of great ways to earn invites, win seats, win packages, and experience the Largest Bar Poker Championship in U.S. History!

How Do You Win Your Seat?

It's going to be an insane 5 Months leading up to this event for our players with A TON of added prizes every single night to celebrate this incredible event and make sure we do everything we can to ensure that Eastern Poker Tour Players take down the lion's share of this incredible prize.
The best part of all of these promotions is that they are ALL ADDED TO OUR GREAT Nightly and Seasonal Prizes!!

Here is How You Win A Seat or Qualify:

Top 10% Every Night

Win $30 Travel Satellite Vouchers
Starting 2/4/17, every night, the top 10% that event will earn a $30 Travel Satellite Vouchers to play for Full Vegas Packages Every Saturday on the house!

Saturday Travel Satellites are Back
Starting 2/18 as part of the Saturday Charity Events, there will be $30 Travel Satellites every Saturday at 12:00 PM to win full Vacation Packages! Top 10% Ticket Holders will play in this event Free!

Top 3 Every Night | 2 Steps to $200,000
Come in Top 3 Any Night and win tokens to play against other leagues on BarPokerOpen.com every Sunday at 11AM. Top 5% win seats into the $200K Championship and First Place is a Full Vegas Package for First Place.

Top 15% Win $200K Invites
If your qualified for our local $36,000 Championship, you are also invited to buy-in to play in the $200,000 National Championship for only a $235 total cost. Not a bad price for the enormous prize pool!

Charity Events
Winner Every Night At Every Event for the full Season, can win a seat into the $200,000 Championship. As a seat winner, your only cost would be $35 house fee in Vegas.

Now take a the time look below to see what a record breaking Bar Poker Championship looks like for a payout. All by joining us at the local bars... Insanity...

90 Spots Guaranteed $500 or More
$43,200 to First Place and over
5 People winning $10,000 or more!!


Steven Walsh
Jesse Mason
Shane Matthews
Ryan Chua
Justin Guimond
Paul Seely
Carole Smith