$2.3 Million Won at Eastern Poker Tour Events in 2015
Bar Poker Open


#1  Rampino, Mike
134 Points Awarded
#2  Hall, James
120 Points Awarded
#3  Majkut, Bohdan
115 Points Awarded
#4  buckley, patrick
105 Points Awarded
#5  Rounds, Kenny
130 Points Awarded
#6  Delfino, Mike
95 Points Awarded
#7  Didick, Josh
90 Points Awarded
#8  Didick, Richard
85 Points Awarded
#9  Furtado, Jennifer
72 Points Awarded
#10  Carafa, Tony
67 Points Awarded
#11  Borel, Sue
62 Points Awarded
#12  Prusik, Paul
57 Points Awarded
#13  Gundlach, Todd
52 Points Awarded
#14  Arena, David
47 Points Awarded
#15  Faria, Shawn
42 Points Awarded
#16  Harris, Donald
37 Points Awarded



99 1/2 Wilson St
Norwwod , MA

28 players ventured to the premier $400 GTD Frenzy event at 138 Thai in Raynham tonight. A small field meant valuable points for many leading upto the February 15th January POTM event! Tony Carafa was sad to see his free week of buffets nearing an end but even sadder to be tonights 10th place, FT bubble boy! Still a another good run for Tony, who has 2 wins, back-to-back wins even, in the past week!

Final Table play was slow to start but Kenny Rounds sped things along soon enough! Jennifer Furtado shipped her final 23k UTG @ 4/8K blinds and tonights bounty, Rich Didick, called from the cut off while Rounds seemed priced in from the BB. A Jack high flop brought side action though as Kenny checked to Didick who went all in for his final ~30k which was promptly called. Furtado unhappily revealed her pocket 8s while Didick had her one upped with his pocket 9s. It was the BB special of Rounds though that claimed the big pot and bounty points in this 3 way showdown as his AJo, top pair jacks, held on the turn and tripped up on the river! Furtado and Rich Didick left with respectable 9th and 8th place finishes.

One Didick remained at the FT still as Josh Didick, brother of the bounty, wiggled his way along. He scooped some pots but missed with some stabs and found himself short stacking when he pushed in his final 28k in the cut off and got a call from BB Mike Rampino. Rampino defended with J9o and Didick was happy to see his Q5hh was actually ahead! It wasnt meant to be though as Rampino rivered a Jack for the knockout and Josh signed out 7th.

EPT somas top statistical player Mike Delfino was card dead at the FT and his stack only dwindled before inevitably busting 6th. Kenny Rounds never won another hand after his double knock out. The blinds caught up to him and pots eluded him and soon Kenny was the 5th place finisher. Pat Buckley soon joined the rail, another victim of going card dead when it mattered most. He was all in dark from the BB v. Rampinos 20k limp. James Hall folded the sb and Buckleys night was soon over in 4th.

Now in the prize pool, the final 3 of Bo Majkut, James Hall, and Mike Rampino sat evenly stacked and each had their eyes on tonights top prize! Rampino found himself the big chip leader after he won a crucial hand v. Hall. Rampino limped from the button, Majkut followed suit from the sb, but BB Hall raised it big. Rampino barely hesitated when he shipped in his whole stack! With Majkut outta the way Hall snap called and showed his AKo even quicker! Rampino looked stunned to see such a monster as he slowly revealed his A4ss. The window card was a K but all 3 cards on the flop were spades leaving Hall drawing dead to a running full house! No K and no board pairing on the turn meant Hall was drawing dead to the river and he handsomely paid off Rampino.

Still in there though Hall fought back into contention. As blinds were about to hit 20/40K, Majkut shipped the button on the final hand of 10/20k. Hall woke up to a big ace again and Bos J7s let him down in 3rd place tonight! Bo was all in more than any other player at the FT and took his short stack deep. He couldnt outflip Hall for his life though. So it was Hall v Rampino HU!

HU went back n forth with Rampino trying to see flops and Hall either giving a walk or raising it up. HU play didnt even last a full level though when Rampino called Halls all in for less and rivered the win! It was Mikes 4th win of the season, earning him even more chips at the Season 21 Tournament of Champions! Congratualtions Mike and James and thank you to everyone for making tonights event at the new venue a success!

Directors note: Rich Didick has been on a tear in 2014 with many final tables to his credit and a Win at fusion the last time EPT played there! Josh is no slouch either. Not only is he approaching 2,00 all time points but you can also find his name on banners in the gymnasiums at Attleboro High School and Mount Ida College for being a 1,000 point scorer at both the HS and collegiate levels! Nice to see family playing together!

This event is part of the Southern Massachusetts Tour





Paul Seely
Paul Giroux
Steven Walsh
Shane Matthews
Mark Thibodeau
Justin Guimond
David D'Iorio