$2.3 Million Won at Eastern Poker Tour Events in 2015
As Seen on Comcast


#1  Ordovas, Dewey
137 Points Awarded
#2  Britt, Sean
122 Points Awarded
#3  McDougall, John J
117 Points Awarded
#4  Goldberg, Larry
107 Points Awarded
#5  Chatham, Ben
102 Points Awarded
#6  Reyes, Elvis
97 Points Awarded
#7  Rodriguez, Ariel
92 Points Awarded
#8  Porreca, Anthony
87 Points Awarded
#9  Stevens, Bryan
104 Points Awarded
#10  Abrahamson, Jim
69 Points Awarded
#11  Anderson, Brendan
64 Points Awarded
#12  Perry, Alex
59 Points Awarded
#13  Smith, Shayne
54 Points Awarded
#14  Correia, Jaraul
49 Points Awarded
#15  Pombo, James
44 Points Awarded
#16  Cordeiro, Matt
39 Points Awarded


RI Billiards- $200 GTD PAYOUT!


2022 Smith St
North Providence, RI

(401) 232-1331

34 players filed into RI Billiards in North Providence tonight and played the first event held in the back of the venue, booth free! Lots of new faces enjoyed the rich buffet of fresh strombolis, pasta and salad, beef stew and bread w/butter!

Once the buffet time passed the real action kicked into gear. Most of the nights early large stacks ran out of luck too early while the shorter stacks seemed to be building up during the later stages. Jim Abrahamson had enough chips to disappear on a service call and return much later and still wind up 10th place! Bryan Stevens was the first FT participant eliminated, 9th, but also added bounty credits to his resume tonight! An early triple up for short stack Anthony Porreca still didnt provide enough momentum to play past 8th place tonight.

It was an uneventful FT for Ariel Rodrigues and Elvis Reyes, who exited 7th and 6th respectively. A the blinds moved up the FT slimmed down when Ben Chatham busted 5th, just bubbling the prize pool. So Larry Goldberg, John McDougal, Sean Britt, and Dewey Ordovas were left to play 4 handed.

A button raise from Ordovas was just what Goldberg ordered as he reraised all in. A quick call from Ordovas w/A9s meant Larrys TT was in good shape. Larry winced though as a 9 on the flop and an Ace on the turn gave Ordovas the edge and sent Larry packing with a RI Billiards GC in his pocket. It wasnt long after that McDougal, whose stack was very competitive with the 2 remaining players, also reraised Ordovas all in preflop only to have Dewey snap call with KK this time. John still had confidence in his big slick but the ace never fell and Ordovas became the undeniable big stack v. Sean Britt HU.

Britt won 3 of the first four hands at the FT to propel him to a very comfortable position. HU v Ordovas was much different though with Dewey pressing the action pre flop at 10/20k and even when Britt did fight back Ordovas had what it took to muscle him off the hand post flop as well. Finally Britt shipped all in for roughly 90K from the sb and Ordovas once again woke up to KK, flopped top set, and that was all she wrote for tonights event. Congratulations to Dewey, who followed up last weeks runner up performance by claiming victory tonight!

Directors Note: Lots of new faces tonight at RI Billiards but where are all the old faces!?!? Were booth free folks, RI Billiards has one of the best buffets on the tour and added a GC to the prize pool, and this is a double stack/double prizes event which has only broken 40 once. Come on down and check out this beautiful new venue and its 108 beer offerings!

This event is part of the Rhode Island Tour





Jesse Mason
Carole Smith
Justin Guimond
John Murray
Shane Matthews
David D'Iorio
Mark Thibodeau