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Bar Poker Open


#1  Harris, Donald
167 Points Awarded
#2  Grenon, David
122 Points Awarded
#3  Grenon, Joe
117 Points Awarded
#4  Bennett, Richard
107 Points Awarded
#5  Spadea, William
102 Points Awarded
#6  Acevedo, Egberto
97 Points Awarded
#7  Rampino, Mike
92 Points Awarded
#8  Centamore, Donna
87 Points Awarded
#9  Delfino, Mike
74 Points Awarded
#10  Heckman, Robert
69 Points Awarded
#11  LaCapria, Rick
64 Points Awarded
#12  Sierra, Richard
59 Points Awarded
#13  Bowden, Sir
54 Points Awarded
#14  Mainer, Jai
49 Points Awarded
#15  Koko, Mike
44 Points Awarded
#16  Weinberg, Jeffrey
39 Points Awarded


Slapshotz Gastropub- 4PM - Reload Special


524 Broadway
Raynham, MA

Todays 34 player second event at Morrells Country Tavern featured the return and Season 21 debut of Bill Spadea, who finished 13th at the 2007 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas! He was a challenge for todays field and a clear choice to be this evenings bounty!

With Robert Heckman, 10th, and Mike Delfino, 9th, simultaneously bubbling the FT only 8 players remained as action kicked off. Defending Sun Night winner Donna Centamore couldnt make it two free weeks of buffets as she was the first to exit in 8th. Short stack Mike Rampino shipped it in from the bb v a raise from Don "Blue" Harris for his final 1.5 BB and saw his Q2o hit the flop only to get rivered by Blue to finish 7th. Antonio Acevedo had a big stack at FT commencement but fierce blind v blind action v Blue and a double up of Dave Grenon meant the end of Acevedos evening in 6th place.

So Blue and Rich Bennet sat five handed with both Grenon fellas, Dave and Joe, and tonights bounty Spadea. Spadea was in good shape as 5 handed play got under way but several limps failed to bare fruit and David Grenon played tough from the SB v Spadeas BB leaving Spadea looking to ship it or fold it deep. When Spadea finally did ship preflop he found himself in a 3 way showdown with Joe Grenon, who was all in for less, and Blue. Bill need a diamond on the turn or river to make the only flush available at showdown while Joe held JTo for second pair and an open ended straight, while Blue felted top pair. Joe straightened out for a big triple up while Bill bricked out on the nut flush draw meaning Blue would scoop the side pot and claim tonights bounty points! Spadea impressed on his 5th place run.

Rich Bennet played a tight FT and made it to four handed action but an aggressive four handed game showed him the door in 4th. So Blue was left as chip leader to play the father/son tandem of Joe and David Grenon.

David started the FT with 11k played well to chip up while Joe Grenon was grinding away his shirt stack 3 handed. With blinds at 10/20K David pushed all in from the button w/roughly 120k, Joe got it in for less from the sb, while Blue surprised everyone with a call from the BB. With a 3 way showdown Blue was the only one to connect with the board as his K8s turned an 8 to take out both Grenons at once and take home tonights W and a free week of buffets without playing a single hand of heads up poker! Congratualtions to Don on his 3rd win as we approach the midway point of the season!

Directors note: Spadea, as expected, proved a tricky bounty to eliminate but Blue found a way! Yet again an events winner also knocked out the events bounty for major points towards the Jan POTM!

This event is part of the Southern Massachusetts Tour





Paul Giroux
Steven Walsh
Mike McGeehan
Mark Thibodeau
Paul Seely
David D'Iorio
Greg Spirito